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Our Courses

Working with Adults – Training Courses
Working with adults - Bespoke training for people working in Charities, Adult Social care, Emotional Health and Wellbeing in the Maritime sector, Faith based organisations, Housing provisions, Homelessness shelters and Care homes.

  • Advanced Safeguarding
  • Advanced Safeguarding for Charity Trustees
  • AED Defibrillator Training • Assertiveness in the Workplace • Autism
  • Bereavement – Coping with Loss
  • Care of Babies and Child Development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conflict Management • Developing Interviewing/Questioning Skills
  • Domestic Violence Awareness (including the law)
  • Domestic Violence and Homelessness
  • Domestic Violence and Mental Health
  • Effective Casework Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Exploitation and Modern Slavery
  • E- Safety and Social Media for parents and carers
  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Marshall Training
  • FGM and Breast Ironing (Cultural practices and the law)
  • Health and Safety • Hostage Negotiation including persuasion skills (with specialist training facilitator for security operations and custodial settings)
  • Leadership and Management skills
  • Lone Working and Personal Safety
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Managing Stress
  • Mental Health Awareness (this can be a one- or two-day course and include any aspect of mental health that you require. Please contact us for further information)
  • Neglect
  • Performance Management for non-HR staff • Professional Boundaries
  • PTSD – Managing and making sense of it! • Security Awareness (bespoke to your home or place of work)
  • Sexuality and Personal Relationships
  • Sexual Health Awareness • Substance Misuse and Alcohol Awareness
  • Supervision Skills • Supporting Transgender Adults
  • Supporting LQBTQ People
  • Supporting Adults who Self-Harm
  • Self-harm and Suicide Prevention
  • Understanding Extremism and Radicalisation
  • Understanding Self-Neglect
  • Understanding and Improving CQC

Further corporate courses are available but may not be listed – please contact us for further information.

Children’s Services Training Courses
We offer many other courses that are not listed on here for detail’s on any course you may be interested in for your child or young person, please contact us to discuss your needs.

We offer these as group or one to one sessions with children and young people.

  • Advanced safeguarding (full day)
  • Advanced Parenting skills
  • Advanced - Child Exploitation
  • Basic Safeguarding
  • Bereavement and Loss in children and young people
  • Communication, Negotiation and Influencing skills
  • Children in Care – The Law, Regulations and National Minimum Standards including Children’s Rights (Fostering)
  • Children’s Home Regulations and Standards 2015 England (Residential)
  • COVID-19 The impact on children and young people (Education, Mental Health, Socialisation etc)
  • Domestic Violence Awareness and the Impact on Children and Young People
  • E Safety and Cyber bullying
  • First Aid in the Workplace
  • First Aid - Paediatric
  • Health Promotion and Communicable Diseases
  • Improving your Ofsted Rating
  • Key Working (residential)
  • Life Story Work – Residential Services
  • Managing Contact for Looked After Children
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Missing from Home or Care
  • Parenting a Child who has been Sexually Abused
  • Pathway to Independence – Supporting Care Leavers
  • Preventing Young People Becoming Involved in Extremism and Radicalisation
  • Professional Responsibilities Regarding Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence.
  • Restorative Justice in Children’s Homes
  • Safe Administration of Medication
  • Safeguarding for Supervising Contact Staff
  • Sexual Health, Sexuality Including Transgender Children (delivered in partnership with a trans adult health professional)
  • Speaking to Children and Young people about Terror Attacks and Other Atrocities/Dealing with Traumatic events
  • Supervision Skills for Team Leaders and Supervisory Staff
  • Supporting Children with Elimination Disorders (soiling, smearing, wetting and PICA)
  • Supporting the Education of Looked After Children
  • Supporting Young People involved in the Youth Justice System
  • The Impact of Childhood Neglect
  • The Impact of Domestic Violence and Abuse on Children and Young People
  • The Impact of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder on Children and Young People.
  • The Importance of Record Keeping and Report Writing for Foster Carers, Residential staff, or Other Professionals (bespoke to your service)
  • The Role of the Appropriate Adult in Custody and in the Home Office (for all social care professionals).
  • Trans-racial Placements
  • Understanding Children’s homes Regulations (England) and Quality standards for residential staff
  • Understanding Homelessness Law and Domestic Violence
  • Understanding Self-harm and Suicide in Young People
  • Understanding Self-harm and Eating Disorders
  • Understanding Substance Misuse
  • Working with Challenging and Manipulative Behaviour.
  • Young People and Bullying
  • Young People Missing from Home or Care.
  • Young People and Gangs (County Lines)


Group Support and Supervision

Support with a difference

What is Group Support and Supervision?
Group Support and Supervision enables your team to reflect effectively on their work. By pooling skills, experience and knowledge, the aim of the session is to resolve problems or issues you may be experiencing with your client group or within the dynamics of your team.

We can help you to improve the skills and capability of both individuals and the group through guided solution planning and implementation. In our group support and supervision sessions there is no issue too big, no topic unspoken, practical solutions, answers to questions and forward-thinking action plans.

Each session focuses on 2 or 3 issues which are chosen collectively.

All attendees have the opportunity to contribute to the solution, enhancing team engagement and commitment. Our group facilitator(s) will lead you on a positive journey of change.

Depending on the size of your group sessions can last up to 2 hours. All attendees leave with renewed energy and confidence to manage their situation differently.

Sessions are evaluated through feedback and any emerging issues will be addressed at the start of the next session.

In addition to the structured session, the group facilitator is available for a 30-minute check in, by phone or email with a nominated person from the group. This allows for support, advice, or information to be offered.

Special introductory offer, Contact us for further information

Family Support Work
Struggling with your new baby or your child’s behaviour? Issues at school? Teenage problems?

Our Family Support Workers visit families at home to provide one-to-one emotional and practical support to both the child or young person and the parent(s) or Carers. This includes listening, behaviour management advice and practical strategies to try at home, as well as advocating for families with other professionals when needed.

Parenting is hard work, our parenting journey changes and develops as our children do. We have to be responsive but sensitive, reward and discipline, praise and encourage but at the same time put in rules and consequences.

An emotional journey of ups and down, sometimes it just becomes a little too much!

When you don’t qualify for local authority support services but need some help, we can support you. From new baby advice to your teens leaving home, tap into our expertise and experience.

What do we do – The process?

Initial discussion at no cost – meeting in person, on zoom or speaking over the phone we have an introductory meeting, get to know each other, and have a general discussion about why you have got in touch. If you want to proceed after that we arrange an appointment for a family assessment.
The Assessment is holistic, we meet in person, look at your family history, recognise the existing strengths and skills of the child and the family. The purpose is to identify the child and other family members need to and agree on the desired outcome of any involvement, creating an action plan.
Weekly Sessions a minimum of 6 one-hour sessions at your home, including evenings/weekends if needed, to support you as individuals and as a family to apply your new skills identified in your action plan.
Homework and checking in between visits, we meet on zoom to discuss your progress or any obstacles or issues arising, you will have home tasks to complete to help keep you on track.
Closure it is important that you take control as a family and do not become dependent on us. Therefore, sessions are limited, intense and empowering for you. You do all the hard work, but we are here to guide you. By the end of your personalised programme, you have all the skills you need to succeed in your parenting.

What clients say

Hi Tracy, Just wanted to update you on our progress. Our Daughter has now finally had her autism assessment and the report back states she's ASD, it's been noted that during assessment traits of ADHD were picked up so she's to be assessed on this as well. This has been a long time coming and to finally now have the outcome we have been trying so hard to get is a huge weight lifted. We will be getting extra support for the time being as well which will be good going forward as that is what we as a family having been wanting for so long. Many thanks again to you for pointing us in the direction we needed, we finally have closure in some respects but a voyage awaits us up ahead lol. With your help we have progressed and I can never thank you enough for that, you’ve no idea how much we appreciate you taking the time to listen and guide us through it. Many Many thanks DH (mother)

Excellent one to one session’s with our foster son (12), he is really making progress, can highly recommend, Thank you Foster carers, Kent

It was really hard to contact Freedom, I felt like a failure as a single parent with a new-born, I wasn’t coping, the house was a mess, and I was so tired. I did not want to speak to my Health Visitor as I thought they may take my baby away. Tracy came round and in just 6 sessions, she taught me how to get into a routine. She gave me brilliant tips on organising myself and the baby better and suddenly everything clicked into place. I will be back in touch when he reaches his teens. Thank you so much, I literally feel like you saved me

Gemma, birth mum aged 24, Surrey.

At 54, suddenly responsible for my 4 grandchildren aged 6 months, 3, 7 and 11 with no help and no support from social services and grieving the loss of my daughter I was desperate. Exhausted is an understatement. There was no help there at all from mainstream services and then someone recommended Freedom.

Freedom helped me to cope, it took 12 sessions, but the support was amazing and worth every single penny. They helped me to cope, keep the children together, manage their needs and behaviour as I had to remember they were grieving to. I will never be able to thank Tracy and her team enough for what they have done for our family
. Kinship Carer Janice, London

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, support packages available, fees vary depending on location.

Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding is our priority, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children, young people and adults with the service being provided. We will follow all necessary safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child, young person, or adult is safe from harm. This may mean us sharing information with the relevant authorities where necessary.

Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching provides structured support to help individuals and teams improve their practice more rapidly and effectively than if they do so alone.

Sessions provide valuable breathing space for staff in responsible roles to explore the challenges they face and find quality solutions to action. Skilled support helps them develop their professional skills and positive mindset whilst also growing personally.

Individuals gain from reflecting on and understanding their own behaviour. They build their capacity to respond calmly and pro-actively to events and make empowered choices that positively transform their lives.

Areas where coaching provides rapid and lasting change include:

Building confidence and skills in newly appointed managers
Developing authentic and effective leadership skills
Boosting wellbeing, building resilience and maintaining good mental health
Managing workload, demands, time and resources effectively
People-management skills and improving workplace dynamics
Dealing with emotional labour and developing emotional intelligence
Coaching is invaluable in times of change, transition and service expansion as it provides a solid foundation from which to grow an individual or team. Sessions equip people to achieve clear inspired thinking, robust planning and motivated action.

Becoming proficient at using coaching tools and an understanding of how to get the best from themselves and others is an investment in all future work. Creating a bespoke toolkit gives people the ability to reach their own potential and maximise their performance as staff, managers and leaders.


Training followed by coaching is a powerfully effective way to support staff to embed their new learning and implement changes in the workplace.

Our training sessions give teams the knowledge, deep understanding and rationale behind any area of work. Follow-up coaching then empowers people to action the process of plan, do, review. It offers clarity, planning, support and accountability for staff as they make necessary changes and improve practice.




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